Skills, deck

Deckers are not only equipped with latest technology and software, but they need to have the skills to effectively use the software.

There are 4 skills that deckers use during missions - Attack, Defense, Stealth, Analyse. Skill level increase chances of success when using the software. Higher skills yield better and faster results.

Attack skill is used every time decker uses one of attack software - AttackSlow and Virus.

Defense skill controls effectiveness of defense software - DecoyDefenseMedic and Shield.

Stealth skill is used for DeceiveEMPSilence and Stealth software.

Analyse skill affects AnalyzeDecryptEvaluate and Scan software.

Outside of missions deckers can use Programming and Chip design. Programming allows deckers to write their own software, possibly creating better versions than publicly available. Chip design enables them to invent and burn their own hardware, enhancing their deck statistics.

Deck is a slang term for state of the art computer, which deckers use for their hacking runs. Deck can be upgraded with different chips to enhance it's statistics.

Each deck has 4 types of firmware that is used for running different types of software. These correspond to skills outlined above - Attack firmware enhances attack software, Analysis firmware analytic software and the same for Stealth and Defense firmware.

Deck has also CPU rating which limits how good firmware and software the deck can run. Even higher level software running on lower level CPU will only have the rating of the CPU.

Each software also has to be loaded into memory before it can be used in cyberspace. Available memory of the deck is thus very important statistic. It is not possible to load software that uses more than available memory of the deck. Software can be loaded and unloaded during mission, but it takes valuable time to transfer the software. Decker can prepare loaded software before each mission.

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