Scanner ICE

Scanner is special special type of ICE, mainly because it is active even without system alert. Scanners patrol system and will check every user he finds.

Every user is queried to provide passcode and if the passcode is not valid the ICE raises alert. Deckers have to either have valid passcode obtained from file, or successfully use Deceive soft.

When user does not provide valid passcode on the next turn after the query was sent, ICE will raise alert by one level and retries the query. If a user leaves the node before providing the passcode, Scanner will follow her to next node and retries the query.

When the user is unable to provide valid passcode and Red alert is set in system, Scanner will follow the offending user and alert any ICE in nodes they pass.

After alert is set, deckers can either try to lose the Scanner by using EMP software or destroy it with attack software.

If Scanner looses the user it is following, it will return to patrol again.

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