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One line summary - Deckers is turn-based rogue like game of cyberspace and corporate dystopian future.

Deckers take place in future where computers are accessed from cyberspace and technology connects users of servers directly through brain link.

Players represent freelance individuals called deckers. Accessing systems for profit, getting contracts for sabotage, information theft and data deletion.

Each system space is separated into series of nodes. Each node has different function in the system and has different rating. Low rating means actions of deckers are easily performed, higher ratings represent better security and protection against unauthorized use. Node function varies from access, data storage, security to CPU - Central Processing Units - electronic heart of the system.

Defense of systems is in hands of software constructs called Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics - ICE. These have many forms - firewalls, node scanners, file encryption worms and attack programs.

Players use their character's skills, specialized computers - called decks - and software to crack or break through the ICE and perform their contract goals. Completing the contract grants them experience to raise skills, money to buy new hardware or software and respect that will bring better future contracts.

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