Files, Worm ICE

Files are found in Data nodes of a system, and are usually guarded as they represent most common target for deckers.

Each file is of one of following types:

Unknown file Unknown

All files are unknown first and must be scanned to determine exact file type. During scan the decker has to remain in the node or scan is aborted.

Normal file Normal

Scanner found no value for decker in these files.

Valuable file Valuable

Valuable file has potential market value. Usually it contains accounting data, classified project data or other corporate information. Can be evaluated by Evaluate software to try determine exact market value.

Mission file Mission

If contract specifies file operation ( download/edit/delete ), the specified files are marked as mission by scanner program. Decker has to perform the requested action on them to fulfill mission goal. Deleting mission file may fail the mission if deletion was not requested by client.

Passcode file Passcode

Passcode file contains valid password credentials for the system. When downloaded, decker can bypass Scanner ICE.

Clue file Clue

Clue file contains valuable information about mission target. Downloading the clue file will reveal node of mission target.

Source file Source

Source file contains source code for software or design specification of hardware. Both can be used by decker between missions to compile a software or construct the HW part. Decker still needs to have appropriate skill to use the source.

Any file can be protected by Worm ICE. Worm ICE will raise alarm when attacked by normal attack programs and will delete the file it is protecting. Decrypt software is needed to remove this ICE from file before it can be scanned or accessed by decker.

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