Combat, Attack ICE

Combat is usually what deckers want to avoid during their missions. Any attack on ICE will trigger system alert, increasing difficulty of mission and can trigger response teams.

Attack software causes damage based on success level - skill check using software rating, firmware rating and decker skill against node and ICE rating. Higher soft rating or decker skill means more damage dealt to ICE per attack and thus quicker destruction of ICE.

ICE will also attack decker and will cause damage his avatar and to him physically through the cyberware connection. Normal ICE will cause stun damage, resulting in destruction of decker's cyberspace avatar, disconnection and temporary paralysis. Illegal black ICE constructs are able to create feedback surge in the cyberware and can cause physical brain damage. Fatal attack by black ICE can even result in decker's death.

Damage to integrity of ICE constructs and decker's avatar will degrade their effectiveness. Higher damage means bigger penalty to skill checks. Decker can use Medic soft to repair integrity of it's avatar and remove the penalties.

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