A New Employee From The Slums

[One of possible opening sequences leading to on boarding process and tutorial]

*FanArt picture not-related to the game, to set the mood. Origin:

You stand before the BnP Corp building, its towers glooming above your head. New suit, shirt bought few hours back and trousers that cost you half of your savings. All that stuff was freshly ironed by a slave boy in Dirty laundry Go Away. You used to like that shop. It is just near your room, it's dirty cheap and they liked you there. Not anymore. The clothes were too expensive for them. Even though it is cheap as hell compared to the stuff that you are expecting in the BnP building.

From the slums to the sunny corporate office, high above the never-ending thick layer of smothering clouds. That is good enough for social denounce in the Slums, you thought.

"Go the frag away gutterboy!" shouted big, wide grinning guard, more intelligent that he liked to show to the public. You know that behind that muscle wall he hides a deceptive mind of a former gang leader. You noticed his tribal tattoo few inches under his left ear.

"Stop staring at the building gutterboy and wiz off, or I'll make sure there are more holes in your brain next to your shitty-cyber-implant."

You instinctively raise your palm to the datajack and scratch the skin around it. A few eye blinks pass and you shout back: "I am the new BnP Corp employee!"

The troll grinned even more and spat your way.

"Be gone gutterboy! I can smell your likes even dressed in fancy suits like you wear. I am not telling you this twice."

He waved with a quadruple barrelled shotgun you never saw in Slums before at you and watched you slowly walk away.

But the thing is, you ARE a new employee and you DO have an appointment.

"You know, there is a corporate ATM just around the corner, it's jacked into the whole network. That should do the trick," said a white collar pale man with thick moustache and black hair only around the top of his head. He watched your encounter with the troll guard. Silently.

"You should be able to get the guest code," he whispered to you. "If you lack the skill and guts needed, our meeting is cancelled. Meet me in ten."

He did not wait for your answer and walked into the building.

You walked according to the directions and you have found the ATM. As you ready yourself with a homemade deck and glued HUD, you looked around to be sure, no one is watching.

You take one slow and three quick breath to steady yourself. 

Now... Let's Rock'n'Roll!

You remember the first time you were in VR / cyberspace. Your best buddy and a decker mentor Jack "Twofinger" Greg guided you through your first steps. His words still echoed in your memory.

"This is cyberspace man. You can do pretty good stuff in here. But you have to be fast and always ready to run away man. Bad shit can happen, bad shit and fatal brain damage. So you ought to be the best fucking decker that ever lived. Remember: ALL THE TIME! The Best."

You put a little bit of your saliva on the datajack and plug yourself in.

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